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The team at Inkpal is dedicated to thinking ink so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive range of Brother toner cartridges for all makes and models means you only need to come to the one place to find everything you need.

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We offer handy methods for finding the right cartridge for your printer. Either search via the Brother printer model or cartridge series. Or you can manually select from our options in the list below.

What you need to know before buying Brother toner cartridges

Brother printers are a renowned and reputable brand in the market for all things laser printing. With a range of high quality models, they’re reliable and easy to use. Plus, at a relatively low market cost, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good printing job done right.

Yield and capacity

Some cartridges are considered high yield, or sometimes referred to as high capacity, compared to standard cartridges. The difference, as the name suggests, is that a cartridge with a high yield produces more prints per cartridge. How much more? While it does vary and depend, generally it’s anywhere from about two-to-three times as much. If you’re only printing every so often, it’s worth saving the money and going with a standard cartridge. If, however, you’re looking to print more than that, a high yield toner cartridge will be more economical in the long run.


Every printer has a slightly different installation process and it’s worth following the specific instructions for your model. There are some things it’s important to note for all printers however.

When to change

Your printer will give you a display warning of “Toner low” or something similar. That’s when it’s time to place your order with Inkpal for a new cartridge.

Remove the protective cover

Cartridges come with a protective cover to keep the toner inside safe from exposure before it’s installed. Make sure to take this off before installing the cartridge in the printer. If you don’t, it simply won’t fit in the machine properly.

Shake the toner gently

Just before placing the new cartridge in the printer, we recommend giving it a soft and gentle shake. This will distribute the toner powder to help with smooth printing. It is possible for some toner to come out, so do it over a bin if you can.

Install the cartridge

The drum unit, a tray-like component to your Brother printer, needs to be removed to get the new toner in. Once done, the cartridge needs to be clicked into the unit (don’t force it! It should be easy to do). When you hear the click, you can be assured it’s in place properly.

Replace the drum unit

Place the drum unit back into the printer and close the cover and you’re all done and ready to print.

Printer issues

If you’re having issues with the quality of your printing, such as spots or streaks, there are a few options to help troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Remove the toner and gently shake it to spread out the internal toner powder.
  2. Try cleaning the corona wire of the drum unit.
  3. Consider replacing the toner if the levels are low.
Inkpal is your toner pal!

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